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My gorgeous, slut wife Samantha and I first went to a theater about two years ago. We had no idea we were starting something that would end up being one of the most fulfilling sexual kinks in our 12 year marriage! We entered the theater, our hearts both racing, and seated ourselves in a couple only section. Immediately, men began positioning themselves across from us, hopeful that the skimpy negligee top and short leather skirt would soon be coming off of her beautiful, voluptuous body. Almost immediately, Sam asked me to slip my fingers inside of her. I was amazed to find she was literally dripping wet! We hadn't been in the theater 45 seconds! I complied, and she moaned audibly. I told her to look across the aisle, and there she gazed upon no less than 6 different hard cocks being stroked by the men who now gazed at her hungry looks....
She told me she wanted to suck my cock... I pulled it out, hard and wet, and she stood up, bent over, and gobbled up my dick. She lifter up her head, and whispered with a viciously nasty look in her eye, "Lift up my skirt, baby". I did, and the comments of "oh my god, look at that ass!" came from across the aisle. She spread her legs, giving the guys a full view of her naked pussy from behind, and sucked mightily on my throbbing cock. She then, without warning, stood up, and pulled her negligee over her head. She then turned, looked at the cocks in front of her, and moaned out "Oh you all look soooo good". She stood there, playing with her big tits and squeezing her nipples. One guy said "I'm gonna cum", stood up, and with Sams urging of "oh yeah, sweetie, shoot that load", he did. She then backed up to me, and I licked her sopping wet pussy while I stroked my cock. After only a minute or so, Sam yelled out in the otherwise quiet theater, "oh yes baby... YES.... YES", and proceeded to cum so hard she needed to sit down to keep from falling.
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After a short recovery she told me she wanted to go to the front row of the couples only section. I noticed that this would put us only two or three feet from the guys in front of us..... when I sat down, she immediately slid down onto my cock while she faced the screen- and the hard cocks standing in front of her. She reached out with both hands and started jacking the guys off in front of her..... it was more than I could stand, the sight of my baby jacking off those big, strangers dicks..... I shot my load so deeply into her wet pussy!
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