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It all happened one Friday evening, when hubby and I decided to go out and have a little fun. We dressed up for the evening I was wearing a very sheer and revealing black top, leaving my breasts to be easily seen as well as my nipple rings. I also had on stockings and garter under a very short black leather skirt. We went out for a few drinks, and then we went to a XXX movie theater. We had been there once before where I felt slightly uncomfortable being the only female in the place. Things were different this evening, I was very horny and there to have some fun and see what just might happen. After we entered the theater, I noticed that it wasn't very crowded, except for maybe ten or twelve men. We found a couple of seats only five or six rows from the back. I was well noticed being the only female in the place once again :)
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After sitting down, hubby took out his cock for me to play with. He became hard almost at once as this was turning him on immensely. He then reached over and began to play with my nipples through my top and he lifted it up to reveal my breasts to anyone that could see them. This immediately turned me on and I started to relax. At that point, one at a time, we began to be surrounded by some of the men. They sat in front of us and turned back to watch, some sat behind and leaned forward to see what was happening. At that point, he reached under my skirt and started fingering my clit. God, was I hot. I could actually feel my juices flowing and making me ooooh so wet. Now the two gentlemen that were in front of us reached back and started to caress my legs and tried to reach up further. One came and sat next to me and watched from a closer point of view. He then also started to caress me, moving his hands up higher. Now, he stood up and took out his cock for me to suck. I turned to my hubby and ask him if I could suck on this guys cock, with a smile he told me yes so I took him in my mouth and started to suck him off. Man, I was soooo turned on it was amazing that I could even feel that way. He started to cum in my mouth so I took his cock from my mouth and finished him with my hand. As soon as he walked away, another came over and sat down next to me. He didn't hesitate at putting two fingers in my pussy and playing with my clit with his thumb. I also had one guy behind me reaching over my shoulders and caressing my breasts while placing light, whisper kisses all over my forehead and cheeks, all the while the other guy was still fucking me with his fingers. In no time at all, I was cumming all over his hand. He didn't stop though. He just kept up with the same rhythm and I came again. God, it was awesome. All the time that this was happening, I never removed my right hand from hubby's cock. He was so hard and enjoying the show that was unfolding before him.
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At that point, another cock was put into my mouth and I sucked it for all I was worth Mmmmmmm. I didn't see too many faces, except for the one that got me off twice. His I'll remembered. I was looking him straight in the face the second time. I sucked on this cock until he was almost ready to cum and then stopped and took him in my hand and made him cum, it felt good rubbing his cum all over his hard cock. I was still trying to catch my breath from cumming myself. When he moved away and I had another hard cock in my mouth I was in cock heaven. It was the cock of the guy who had made me cum. I sucked his cock fully down my throat as he fucked my face with slow pumping strokes Mmmm yummy. I guess he had noticed that I stopped on all the others just before cumming and he the asked if I swallowed. I answered no, so he pulled away and finished himself off in the aisle as I watched. At this point, hubby said he wanted me to fuck him. So I stood up and removed my coat and straddled him in the seat he was sitting in. He stuck his cock inside me and I started to ride him hard. He then took off my top which left me sitting there topless and my skirt up around my waist. At this point, I had three men standing behind him all with their cocks out and jerking off for me. I put one cock in my right hand and the cock to my left in my other hand the one in the middle I took in my well fucked mouth, all the while I was still fucking hubby. As the gentleman behind me was caressing my ass. I jerked off the two in my hands to completion and the one in the middle was close he cam all over the back of hubbies seat. I then climbed off hubby and sat back down. Before I knew it there was another stiff cock in my mouth. When I finished sucking him, hubby told me to get up and lean over the seat in front of me so that he could fuck me from behind. One of the guys in the row in front of me said he would be happy to help me keep my balance and took both my tits in his hands and played with my nipples and squeezed my tits as hubby fucked me. When I finally couldn't stay in that position any longer, he stopped and I stood back up and got dressed. I stopped in the ladies room on the way out to which hubby followed me and I sucked on his cock a bit before leaving there. We then went to a familiar bar downtown for a few drinks to relax and talk about the events that had just unfolded before going home.

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